This is the beginning of a blog, a series of thoughts, surrounding the practice and ongoing expansion in the area of Library/Information Science.  I join a wide ranks of librarian bloggers that I have gained a great amount from.  Reading the blogs of my peers and mentors has provided me a great deal of information from planning a career to finding solution to tech problems.  I can only  hope to provide some complimentary insight.

At the inception of this log I am currently one semester from graduating with an MLS.  I work as a library technical assistant in a public library, primarily cataloging and performing all manner of technology related duties.  Technology related duties has at times included network administration, website admin, social media PR, computer maintenance (endless windows xp clean installs), tech grant writer, tech plan writer, and instructor.

As my MLS program comes to a close over the next 6 months or so I am pushing forward to expand my areas of experience with different technologies applicable in the library setting.  So far this has included picking up some coding (python), messing around with wordpress and drupal, installing and creating a collection with omeka, and generally learning/using linux.