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I have (somewhat) recently made a big change professionally, transitioning from being an assistant at a public library to a new position at a private academic library.  A big change of scenery has also been a part of this change, moving from a mid-sized somewhat urban city of 50k to New York City.


This move has been a great step forward professionally involving a larger than expected change in how I view librarianship.  More than ever I feel invested in the idea of big-tent librarianship.  The idea that libraries and librarians, while sometimes different in user-base, expertise, and practice- have , for the most part, enough common core beliefs to act as one.  Perhaps these feelings will change over time, but right now I see many important and transferable skills, ideals, and processes between my former and current roles.  Particularly in advocacy there is much to be gained.  This dovetails nicely with the recent activity around the DPLA launch and the ever enjoyable post on the topic at

I have also had the pleasure of writing an article for the Computers in Libraries journal (available here) and have presented at the Connecticut Library Association annual conference on the need to teach computer security in library user instruction.  I’m looking forward to putting up some more complete writings on the topic.

So with this transition more or less having been transitioned, I’m hoping to blow out some older posts that have been in draft for way too long and getting back to some more regular writing.